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If you don’t know why, click here to read about the proper uses of FLPs or LLCs for asset protection planning. For example, offshore asset protection trusts are some of the most powerful tools that shield wealth from lawsuits. 2) The right to transfer the interest in the property without asking permission of the other co-owners. It is possible to add a co-owner or co-owners to your property via joint tenancy with right of survivorship. A creditor filed a judgment lien against Robert Parks. 210, 219-21 (2009). See e.g. A special type of joint tenancy with rights of survivorship that is recognized between married couples in some states is called tenants by the entirety (TBE). In other words, a JT cannot transfer his/her interest at death. Request a call back. To learn more about how you can use an irrevocable trusts and discuss joint tenancy, co-ownership of assets, revocable living trusts and create a solid asset protection system call Estate Street Partners 888-93-ULTRA (888-938-5872). Aside from avoiding probate, this type of ownership is important for asset protection planning in states where it … -One joint tenant can secretly destroy the joint tenancy by conveying out his or her share to someone else (and even back to himself or herself! A joint tenant is not allowed to sell the property without the consent of the other joint tenant. The protection ostensibly afforded to tenancy by the entireties holdings may immediately evaporate not only upon an untimely death or divorce, but such assets are now at the additional risk of the discretion of courts attempting to curtail the protective nature of tenancy by the entireties. A recent Ohio Court of Appeals Decision, White v. Parks is a perfect illustration of the drawbacks of joint tenancy from an asset protection standpoint. As such, the only way in which it can be dealt with unilaterally is for a joint tenant to act upon their notional share. 2) The joint tenancy is an asset of each co-owner and is subject to his/her creditors. The APS™ is a new kind of society created to deal with the problems that plague clients and advisors on the topic of “Asset Protection. When Mr. This tenancy is available strictly to married couples, and typically affords survivor rights plus other statutory benefits, such as limited asset protection. However, property held under a joint tenancy is fair game for any creditors of any joint tenant. Inflexibility: Agreement of all of the joint tenants is necessary in order to sell, mortgage, lease or change who will inherit the property. Tenancy by the entirety, however, may not provide secure asset protection for some people over the long term. Protecting assets against care home fees It is estimated that one in four of us will be living in a care home during the final years of our life. Note, however, that some states have extended tenancy by the entirety (T/E) protection to T/E property contributed to a joint trust. Joint tenancy and asset protection** Generally, from an asset protection perspective, it is preferable to own an asset such as a house jointly with someone as a tenant in common, as opposed to joint tenants. I changed ownership of my house to JTBE with my wife, and that was fairly simple. Aside from avoiding probate, this type of ownership is important for asset protection planning in states where it … His will and trust direct that $2,000,000 of his estate goes to his children. On the death of a JT, the property descends to the survivor or survivors and at length to the last survivor.” Barron’s Dictionary of Legal Terms. The assets owned as a joint owner are not asset protected, and unless death occurs just as the client planned, chances are significant that the joint asset will not pass to … Don’t use this as an asset protection device for your personal residence. Ninety-nine percent of the time, a joint tenancy will not fulfill a client’s needs of asset protection and estate planning. Joint Tenancies (JT) open up a world of opportunity because the vast majority of people in this country own something of value as a JT with another individual. A special type of joint tenancy with rights of survivorship that is recognized between married couples in some states is called tenants by the entirety (TBE). It became common practice to counsel clients to hold their assets as tenants by the entireties to protect their joint assets from future creditors’ claims. A partition action may also be commenced to partition personalty. For example, your aging parent may add your sibling to their bank account as a joint tenant to help them manage their finances. Since all marital assets are located in one trust, all assets would be at risk if a creditor obtains judgment over either spouse. In other words, each joint owner adds to the legal exposure of a given piece of real estate. Tenants by the entirety (TBE). For example, in TBE states spouse number one is person. This means that instead of having an equal share in the property or asset, each tenant may own a different percentage. Make sure that your clients have a valid reason for using a joint tenancy. Although the difference between a tenancy by the entireties account and a joint account with right of surviviorship does not matter for inheritance purposes, it does have a critical importance for asset protection purposes. Upon the death of one owner, the property completely and fully passes to the surviving party and does not need to be submitted to probate. The information on this blogspot is of a general nature, not intended to be specific professional advice. Each owns a 1/3 interest in the property. So in order to destroy a joint tenancy, one of the four unities must be destroyed. In a joint tenancy, the parties have a right of survivorship. Please seek the opinion of a professional to advise you for your situation. Why? Each joint tenant owns an undivided interest in the whole property, and each has the right to possess, occupy, enjoy, use, or rent the property. Though tenancy by the entireties is a form of asset protection, it has its limitations: Paperwork errors – It’s important that you and your spouse clearly assert your desire to title your assets in this manner. Joint Trusts. View Legal is a specialist law firm, focusing on tax, structuring, asset protection, business succession and estate planning.The founders of View Legal are committed to building a law firm that our friends would choose.View Legal is results focused and passionate about delivering solutions in a way that aligns with our 'SPS' - service and price satisfaction - guarantee.Find out more about our approach to legal solutions - a new view. Joint Tenancy (JT) is also known as Joint Tenancy with right of survivorship, is the most common method of holding title to real estate, bank accounts, broker accounts, and other assets. First, a divorce between the spouses immediately converts the tenants by the entireties ownership into a joint tenancy as tenants in common between the former spouses.

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