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easy chocolate sweets to make at home

Who doesn’t love a peppermint patty?!! Many candies can be made using basic kitchen tools that most people already possess. This is possibly the easiest candy recipe ever!! From chocolate fudge and rocky road to homemade truffles and chocolate covered toffee - we've got loads of recipes worth the effort. Insanely easy, but so gorgeously rich! This four ingredient recipe for peppermint bark is super easy and great fun for kids to help make. Which ones will you make? Eggnon is such a holiday season flavour! I can remember we would all stare at the box showing us exactlyContinue Reading A great idea for a homemade Christmas chocolate gift for friends and family. These recipes are guaranteed to be quick and easy to make yet look and taste utterly delicious. So you just can’t go wrong. Here’s a roundup of 25 really easy to make homemade Christmas chocolates and sweets recipes. So there you go, 25 yummy homemade Christmas chocolates and sweets recipes. Peppermint bark is a Christmas tradition. The chocolates and candies in this list are all perfect for giving as gifts or for simply enjoying over the Christmas and holiday season. It wasn’t easy narrowing down my list, but I gathered a variety of dessert recipes – chocolate, non chocolate, brownies, cakes, cheesecake, and more. You can make it in a brownie bite pan so that it’s instantly ready for wrapping up and gifting! Easy Homemade Filled Chocolates, the perfect after dinner deliciously creamy filled chocolates. Make several to give as a homemade food gift or to include in a Christmas hamper. Pop them in a cellophane bag, tie with a ribbon and they are ready to give! The Clumsy Crafter who created this recipe swears that it is so easy even her four-year-old daughter can make it. Please note that some of this site’s links are affiliate links and MumsMakeLists.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Place milk, cocoa powder and sugar in a small saucepan. The method for making them includes popping them in the fridge for 45 minutes, so they are a little more involved time-wise than some of the other recipes here. Easy Homemade Filled Chocolates always remind me of Christmas. There's no such thing as too much chocolate. 25 EASY HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATES AND CANDY RECIPES, 1. This Goody Gumdrops fudge recipe has just three ingredients. This is a basic truffle filling to which you can add your own flavorings or extracts. The moulds from Easy Sweets are absolutely brilliant, with the finished chocolates having great detailing to them, the results are simply fantastic. Scroll through our Christmas posts below, click on an image or link to be taken to a post. So much so I have a whole roundup on slow cooker Christmas candy recipes, do take a look! Steps to follow: 1. These mint Oreo truffles are another Christmas chocolate favourite that look like they’ve taken way longer to make than they actually have! Boiled Sweets Recipe - Learn How to Make Traditional Sweets These butterscotch chocolate marshmallow bites have six ingredients and are a great no-bake treat for kids (or adults short on time) to make. This six-ingredient Amaretto raisin and fudge recipe is one of those super easy slow cooker candy recipes that means you can stick a bunch of ingredients in the slow cooker and let the cooker work its magic, you just need to give the mixture a quick stir every 15 minutes. SEVEN MINUTE MICROWAVE CHOCOLATE CARAMELS, 5. Required fields are marked *. Heat over medium/medium-low heat, whisking frequently, until warm (but not boiling). The first step when making liqueur chocolates at home is to cut the dark chocolate into pieces. See exactly how to make it over on Design & Scribble. Treat yourself with no-bake and 30-minute desserts, with tips to help you make them. It looks absolutely gorgeous packaged up in jars to give as gifts or to have on the side for guests over the holiday season. These tempting Christmas sweets make perfect stocking fillers, gifts or treats. It's a cinch to whip together because it doesn't require any baking. I always get compliments and requests for more. This eggnog fudge recipe only takes around 30-minutes to make and uses only seven ingredients. And although these do make a great snack food, they are often dessert in our house. You can make this seven ingredient easy homemade toffee recipe in under 30 minutes. Our festive confectionary includes fudge, truffles, candy canes, chocolate bark and much more. These fudge candies are great to serve over Christmas of pop them in cellophane and gift them! They really are super simple to make and take just 20 minutes. Just make sure that kids know to leave them alone . 101. Get the recipe from Low Carbe Diem. Pop over to her site to find out more! These smooth and rich Grand Marnier Truffles have just eight ingredients, including delicious Gran Marnier. Choose your filling, from white, milk or dark chocolate, or why not a little caramel. This peppermint fudge recipe is ridiculously easy to make, you literally just tip all the ingredients into a pan and heat them!! Super easy right? These Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Clusters are super simple to make and a divine combination of sweet and salty, the peppermint candies give them just the right amount of minty kick! Using a spoon, pour a little chocolate into each mold to cover the bottom by a few millimeters. First, prepare the ganache filling. Sift in 1 cup (100 g) of cocoa powder gradually. These Homemade Chocolates are better than Bought. An unbelievable result with hardly any washing up! They are also much less expensive than buying chocolate covered raisins at the store. These chocolate covered seven minute microwave caramels are flavoured with vanilla. In general, candy making does not require much in the way of specialized equipment. Just ask your friends after making brownie lasagna, or Oreogasm poke cake, or the amazingly delicious salted caramel brownies. When ready, place the pieces into a measuring jug. This chocolate mousse is very easy to make and it only has 1.5g net carbs. So, when I came up with this rich chocolate peanut butter dessert, it quickly became my all-time favorite. These are a real favourite with kids. Our fall-focused indoor and outdoor decorating ideas are guaranteed ways to make the perfect first impression when family and friends come calling on Thanksgiving—or any day during the season. This clever Turkish Delight recipe has just eight ingredients and is really straight-forward to make. At NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, I will earn a small commission, if you purchase them. Rather than dumping all of the cocoa powder in at … From chocolate fudge and rocky road to homemade truffles and chocolate covered toffee - we've got loads of recipes worth the effort. Make this recipe and you will end up with sweet crunchy melt-in-the-mouth candy that is delicious to serve over the holiday season or give as an impressive looking candy gift.

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