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But a lot of local councils won’t collect shredded waste for recycling as the tiny pieces and paper fibres can play havoc with the mechanisms at the recycling plant. Secondly, logs can be chopped into smaller chunks, before being used as fuel during the colder months. In the most figurative sense, some of the greenest uses for shredded paper are in gardens. I suspect that even a bundle of shredded paper would remain unaffected after decades of storage in a compacted and sealed landfill site. As well as producing rich, oil-improving compost, trench gardening can also improve the pH value of your soil and encourage the activity of earthworms. Your email address will not be published. Shredded tires are great for playgrounds, racetracks, and garden beds. members tend to be a diligent bunch, so it’s little surprise that our recent survey of 1,228 members found that an impressive 84% of them own a paper shredder. Larger plant material like twigs and branches can be troublesome to compost. Composting turns biowaste into valuable food for your garden. Another smart option is to use your shreddings as mulch between plants or at border edgings. The benefits of utilizing plants in your office décor, Top 15 kitchen additions you need to have for Christmas. Wood, including bark from larger, mature trees can be chipped and applied as a fresh mulch on both unplanted areas and around plants on well-established beds. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Or you can use toilet paper rolls stuffed with shredded paper as a fire starter too. But with using shredded paper, you can use wax, shredded paper, and an egg carton. This is because it can be a combination of shredded newspaper, office paper or even cardboard which have different paper grades altogether. It’s almost as though many view the internet as a Magic Place, populated by wondrous creatures and mythical beasts. Small branches etc would be fine as a mulch I think, especially if you have a shady 'woodlnady' area. Consider it “brown” waste and put an appropriate amount into your heap, then let the microorganisms and/or worms in the soil do the recycling.. One final option is using a heavy duty chipper to turn unwanted logs into wood chips. You can actually get wood chips or shredded bark from local waste collection sites or contacting your local utility or tree-care company. You’ll likely need to hire or buy suitable tools for such a procedure; a chainsaw will help to cut logs to a suitable length, while an axe or log splitter will help to split the logs open for faster drying and more efficient burning. And more than half of you put the shredded confetti out with your read newspapers, empty plastic food cartons and drained glass bottles for the weekly recycling pick up. If you are looking to mulch areas where plants native to your area grow, all the better. You can also use some shredded material as garden mulch. but sometimes that simply not the best. For one, loose shredded paper doesn’t stay put. Introduce it to a strong gust of … The shreds can clog up the machinery that separates the recyclables. Most garden waste, as well as some types of food waste, can be composted, but you must make sure that any non-compostable food waste goes into your food waste bin. Scam alert: fake DPD ‘missing address’ emails, http://www.savings.tips/the-many-uses-for-your-shredded-junk-mail/, https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/best-shredders. Pretending to be someone else has long been the hobby (and sometimes full-time occupation) of many for as long as I can remember, so perhaps we’re being stampeded into a corral of fear by the tabloid comics, instead of thinking more rationally about the entire problem and then taking reasoned and well thought-through steps to avoid the more common and predictable issues. Over time, the layers will decompose, providing additional nutrients to your garden plants. Also, you can find rubber chippings as an ingredient in rubber mats, watertight coatings, roofing materials. Adding compost to soil increases the nutrients and improves the soil's structure to help plants grow. Adding shredded paper to the bottom of these trenches is a nice way to increase moisture retention, as that is the layer where the plants’ roots absorb water. Composting Garden Waste Tuesday, 4 February 2014 | HOTBIN Composting Most things from a domestic garden can be composted with a little care and time. most people just want the cheapest option. Composting Shredded Paper. Shredded cuttings can be recycled to make environmentally friendly compost - a valuable natural fertilizer. It reduces volume and recycles the waste into compost which is of great benefit as a soil conditioner and nutrient source. Warmer conditions encourage more activity from microorganisms. Doing so ensures an ideal environment for the microbes that do all the hard work. I think your articles and people’s day-to-day experience demonstrate that there are not really many things we can usefully do with waste paper so the best policy would be to stop the supply and circulation of unwanted commercial material. Shredded paper, right, is another household item that can go on the compost pile. Of course, some gardeners skip the mulch phase altogether and just place the shredded leaves directly into a compost bin, for the purpose of breaking them down into organic matter as quickly as possible. Your email address will not be published. In fact, pets and paper confetti seem to go hand in hand – cat litter trays and lining the bottom of bird cages are other innovative ways our members use their shreddings. While another uses the paper as padding for parcels. Welcome to My Waste, Ireland’s official guide to managing you waste. That means a lot of your shredded paper is finding its way straight into landfill. + Sowing seeds that moisture such as runner beans A few dozen use them as kindling for their stove or fireplace. Garden chemicals – see hazardous household waste Garden tools - unwanted or broken garden hand tools can be taken to Lambeth reuse and recycling centre or The Remakery Garden waste - see garden waste collection service , composting or reuse and recycling centre Your wood chips can then be used as a mulch or on walkways in your garden, helping to retain moisture and over a period of time become part of your soil. Green waste arises in response to grass cutting, weeding, pruning and harvesting of our vegetables. But don’t put glossy paper or cellophane from envelope windows into your composting. We also asked about which documents our members choose to shred. Neither destination is wonderful so it is possibly better to leave waste paper intact [except where there is a need to remove identifying information] so that it can be recycled and reprocessed for paper-based products. For example, do NOT shred bindweed then mulch your beds with it. Regularly inspect your compost and once it turns into a friable dark material which smells and looks like soil it is ready for use. Here, too, shredded leaves work better. There is a limit to how much packing material we can use and since we don’t use our wood-burner or have any pets we have no need for a regular supply of shreddings. Pet bedding is another use for shreddings, with lucky hamsters and rabbits getting to lay their heads on them for forty winks. Firstly, i didn’t know what to do with that things after my first shredder purchase (some of these https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/best-shredders ). How to recycle shredded paper October 4, 2019. If you have not done so already, now it is time to begin thinking about what you will do with your fall leaves. Our survey showed that more than half of shredder-owning members either put their shredded waste out for collection with the recycling and a third put it in their bin. Make your own fragrant conifer wood chip for garden paths or to use it as garden … I think we need a lot more education about recycling because our kids future depends on it. But we also learned other ways that the confetti gets used. Not for: Garden waste, oversized items We recommend that you purchase dustbins with clip-on lids if you have suitable external space to store them. Here's What Garden Shredders Can Do For You. The first rule of composting is to ensure a 50/50 mix between green and brown waste in your bin or heap. Shredded paper can be added to the pit of these trenches, as a means of water distribution. Should waste be chopped or shredded? Sort out the shreddings into things likely to grow and invade youur beds, and those that won't. Many shredders … Welcome to House & Home Ideas. Most domestic shredders will cope with woody stems less than 3-4cm (1¼-1½in) in diameter. It’s really good way to recycle all type of waste, Merry Christmas 2020 from Which? How are you calculating your carbon footprint? Even Footballers have to run about a bit. The first option is simply to cut the logs into lengths, then build a “woodpile” for the benefit of wildlife. Some local councils will not accept shredded paper in the household recycling bin so it has to go in the general refuse bin and will either be used as landfill or incinerated. Firstly, it can be safely added to your compost heap, where it should break down far more rapidly than before. http://www.savings.tips/the-many-uses-for-your-shredded-junk-mail/. 8 … 2. Garden waste makes up 14% of the average household bin (WRAP, 2002). With most trees and bushes, using shredded paper as mulch will be perfectly fine. To put it in perspective, if there was a knock at the door and a black man with a pronounced Nigerian accent, speaking in broken English explained he was a prince with a vast fortune he couldn’t unlock unless a kindly Hobbit were to share bank account details with him I doubt many would even open the door in the first place, let alone kick the cat out of the way in the rush to find their bank book and share the details of their account before loaning him a large amount of cash from under the bed. Raw Material for Pyrolysis I’m not denying that the internet has enabled the ID thief to become considerably more productive, not to say imaginative: that’s exactly why we have to educate ourselves and our families about the risks of being overly sympathetic towards that really nice chap from Nigeria who’s had such a nasty time when his entire family was deposed and forced to flee, although one has to wonder just how many thousands of the Nigerian Royal Family there were. We simply have to remember that very, very, very few people become the recipients of large wads of cash for doing absolutely nothing. I suppose, like most, I’m distinctly wary about dishing out personal details to anyone, let alone companies from whom we buy stuff. Most garden waste can be classified as either green or brown, which is determined by the moisture content of the waste as well as the colour of it. As they gradually decompose, they release nutrients and increase the fertility of the soil. Yes, I agree with all you have stated in your article .but we find it difficult to get people to separate their rubbish when hiring a rubbish skip. Many reptiles, invertebrates and small mammals will appreciate all the potential nesting places such a construction provides. Reduce garden waste from a sprawling pile of cuttings and branches and prickles, to a smaller volume that's easily moved around by a shovel and rake, and easily carried in filled bags. I watched a television programme a few months ago where they were looking inside old landfill sites to see how the decomposition process was going. A great option for this tougher garden waste is to use a garden shredder to quickly chop them into much finer pieces. There were newspapers over 100 years old still intact and readable. Half of any newspaper goes unread so I have stopped buying them, most subscription magazines come with flyers and other inserts that go straight in the recycling bin, paper rubbish comes through the letter box every day, and there is still too much packaging waste that cannot be reused easily. Most shredded paper is of a high grade and could be recycled but the paper strips are too small and light to be separated during sorting at our material recovery facility – the large plant where recyclables are sorted and sent for re-processing. Which? It flies away and contaminates other recyclable items. But there are other potentially sensitive documents it would be safer to shred when you’re finished with them that you may not have thought of: Are there any other documents that you make sure are decimated before they leave the house? @adam-marshall – We are advised to shred junk mail so that no-one can use our name and address to apply for a credit card in our name. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In cold climates, shredded leaves can also be used … Whether its food or garden waste just give it an extra chop. It is very tough, soft, wear and tear. Fire because I believe shredded paper in bulk is a fire hazard, and children because shredded paper in bulk is a mess hazard. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. Start by digging a trench in your vegetable garden as deep and wide as your garden spade. Shredded paper has been a feature of office waste for many years and is now more common in households as people become concerned about identity theft. Many of us have trees that require maintenance, but excess logs can be problematic to dispose of. We have to develop good habits when we’re dealing with the outside world, and not simply rely on instinct. Shredded paper makes a great fire starter, unlike sheets of flat paper – offer it to a friend with a woodburner to make paper logs from. I do realise it’s preferable for stuff bought on the internet to reach your home, so giving those companies your address is probably useful, although there’s been quite a growth, in the last couple of years, of the ‘pick-up point’ option, which makes it easier to conceal the precise location of one’s cave or castle. Shredding unwanted private documents is the obvious first line of defence against identity fraud. In this video, I show you how to compost shredded paper to make rich, fertile, plant food and soil improver. More than that, shredded tire chips are also materials for manufacturing new tires. Browse this site for your local waste services; bring banks, recycling facilities along with ways to help you prevent waste, reuse and upcycle. 4. It was not really surprising that plastic bags and other plastic articles were still intact because the compression of the overburden on the site meant there was no opportunity for natural digestion to take place, but what was remarkable was that twenty-year old copies of tabloid newspapers had barely degraded at all and were still readable. Some scams are considerably cleverer than that of course, but the principle remains the same. Does your accent affect how you’re treated as a customer? Like with composting, shredded paper offers an effective replacement for traditional mulches. Wood Chips/Shredded Bark or Leaves. Hopefully you are almost finished clearing the majority of the fallen tree limbs from your landscape created by our recent ice storm. The process continues until the trench is filled, at which point the topsoil is replaced. See our pages for more detailed information. Conversation, Legal advice: stranded in Australia by airline. However, there is a small chance that your plants will not take well to shredded paper compost mulch. That way it's less likely to tear and once it's been emptied, you can take it back home with you, ready to use next time. The use of plastic bins, which absorb the sun’s rays, or covering your compost bin with a tarpaulin can further increase the temperature. As John says in anaerobic conditions things decay very slowly if at all. Here you will find everything you need and want to know about managing your waste responsibly, efficiently and in the way that suits you. But a lot of local councils won’t collect shredded waste for recycling as the tiny pieces and paper fibres can play havoc with the mechanisms at the recycling plant. + For packing things away for storage, I wrote my other ideas in this article. VIKING garden shredder – the 'green' recycler. The trench is then filled with layers of waste, starting at the bottom with small twigs, thin layers of grass clippings, leaves, vegetable cuttings and shredded cardboard. Too much green waste can lead to excessive moisture, and plant material that just turns to foul-smelling mush rather than rich, swell-smelling compost. 3. Shredded paper can be categorised as mixed paper by any rubbish company. What can go in your garden waste. So what steps can we take? Beware of toxic inks though. Two in five take their former bank statements and bills into the garden and add them to their compost pile. Our names and addresses are out there. Having been a diligent early shredder I have not used my machine for several years now. This small measure can help you make the most of your waste paper while reducing the probability of over-watering. Wednesday, 16 July 2014 | … but then i found a really good cervice in London (londonrecycles). You can use shredded paper as mulch for your garden or layer a small amount of it with food scraps in your yard waste bin. If you are taking your garden waste to your local recycling centre, use a strong, durable bag (not a black bin liner) and try not to overfill it. + Make fire-starting logs The soil taken out can be placed to the side, as you’ll want to re-use it later. Hedge/shrub prunings and stems from younger trees or tree suckers can be shredded and applied directly as a fresh mulch on unplanted or planted areas. All power to your elbow, but I think society has to progress to a strategic solution for surplus paper and stop it at source. Apparently some wet shredded paper is ideal for mulching – spread it around the bottom of your plants and it will help deter weeds, as it starves them of sunlight and nutrition. No, shredded paper is difficult to recycle because the pieces are so small. If you thought you could just toss it in your recycling bin and be done with it, you were wrong. That’s really good question! Insipration, how-to-guides, ideas and tips for the home. + Stuffing a scarecrow or guy-fawks guy Chopping and shredding waste will help decrease the time taken for waste to compost and ensure a more consistent finer texture in the end compost you achieve. Around 94% of local councils collect garden waste. Are some ‘eco-friendly’ claims misleading? What to do with all that shredded paper… ? Okay, perhaps not quite as overt as that, but this seeming awe, this willingness to suspend our normally rational wariness of strangers and lycanthropes seems to overrule our common sense. In contrast, brown waste arises when we cut down trees, trim branches and remove deadwood. Your shredded garden waste can then serve a number of different purposes. Firstly, it can be safely added to your compost heap, where it should break down far more rapidly than before. Some gardeners with wood burning stoves even opt to burn these chippings, as they dry much more quickly than larger logs so require less seasoning. Many countries do not take up recycling of shredded paper as a priority but it is absolutely possible to recycle it. Some shredded paper can be used for pet bedding, underneath the straw. members put their shredded waste paper out for recycling. A stainless-steel compost pail, left, is ideal for under-the-sink collection of kitchen waste. If dealing with greater quantities it is best to use a shredder which will quickly reduce the volume of waste, turning it into a useful resource for the garden. For example, meat can spoil, smelling terrible or attracting vermin. Ashley – Thanks for all your tips on shredding paper waste. For example, by mixing equal parts of shredded paper and grass, this composted blend can be used and broken down by garden plants just like any other garden waste. And if not, then what should you do with them? Garden waste is taken to a local site to be shredded, mixed and turned into a coarse compost-like material used in horticulture and agriculture. Tip : Shredding garden waste reduces the volume of plant trimmings by an average 75%. Garden waste. 1. And what other weird or wonderful uses do you make of your leftover shreddings? Should you take up Apple’s trade-in offer. If not, rubbish should be … My name, address and phone number appear in the telephone directory and there are other ways that my name and address could be found. These days, however, whether we’re getting rid of grass clippings or felled logs, the key is treating this waste in an efficient and planet-conscious manner. 11. I read your Savings Tips piece with interest and, in particular, your comment “After all, there are plenty of other things you can do with your shredded paper, and even if you end up throwing the paper out, it is not like it takes years to decompose in landfills“. By commenting you agree to our terms & conditions and community guidelines. Most gardeners will be aware of the benefits of using a compost bin or heap as a great way of disposing of grass cut from the lawn, leaves, kitchen waste and weeds. Your shredded garden waste can then serve a number of different purposes. They’re all over the place, in thousands of ledgers, lists, letters and licences and people and companies know who we are, where we live and what we do. And more than half of you put the shredded confetti out with your read newspapers, empty plastic food cartons and drained glass bottles for the weekly recycling pick up. I store the shredded paper in a place that is safe from fire and children. More than half of Which? I’m no expert but if names and addresses are being used to apply for credit cards then surely the answer should be to tackle the card providers. With Covid-19 cases increasing again and toilet paper shortages looming, is it time to consider a bidet seat. If you have a wood stove, you’ll need kindling to get a fire … So why is it that exactly that takes place on the internet? Whilst gardening is typically seen as quite an environmentally-friendly activity, the reality is that even we gardeners produce our fair share of waste. This page contains lists of what you can and cannot compost. But it’s also worth bearing in mind a couple of other things: ID theft, as the DFM loves to proclaim it, is nothing new. You can also chip down the bark on your Christmas tree before disposing of it. Perhaps you were even able to chip some of your limbs and recycle them as mulch. Required fields are marked *. Admirable, but is that really the best thing to do with your confetti? I only use the shreds where food is not grown, just to be safe. 11. + Packing boxes when I post things 2: Will the garden waste subscription increase each year? Three quarters of paper shredder owners destroy their old bank statements and two thirds cathartically wave farewell to unwanted household bills by mercilessly feeding them into the jaws of their shredder. 1: What happens to garden waste once it is collected? Many crops like cucurbits and beans can, after harvesting, also be shredded to clear the area and tall growing weeds can also be shredded in finer pieces.. Leaves and … Another smart option is to use your shreddings as mulch between plants or at border edgings. Talking of pets, you can use shredded paper in a cat litter box. Composting is the most environmentally friendly solution for dealing with shredded paper. Consequently, siting your compost bin in a sunny corner of your garden can be beneficial. I’ve long thought an odd relationship exists between the internet and those who use it. You can always compost at home is an easy way to recycle it yourself! Toss it in the Wood Stove. To all of this, we can add organic matter produced in our households. Non-vegetable waste is best avoided in your compost heap. You can speed up the process by shredding or chopping thick, woody stems, as this helps the bacteria to … I remember watching a programme years ago in which they cut into a landfill site and most of it was paper. Shredded leaves also make an attractive, weed-suppressing mulch for garden beds and landscaped areas. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. The following methods can be used to recycle and reuse our garden waste: Trench gardening utilizes microbes to break down garden and kitchen waste into a nutrient- and carbon-rich substance. The speed at which plant material tends to break down is related to the temperature at which it is kept. Will you be celebrating Christmas remotely? I am afraid we do what we can but there is still a whole bin-load of recyclable material going out every fortnight of which probably 75% is paper. Alternatively, for the less patient gardener it is possible to purchase “compost activators” to kick-start the process. Zero Waste Not all curbside recycling programs take shredded paper, particularly those that have single stream recycling. The plant’s roots absorb water from this layer and allow the produce to thrive. So given that buying a paper shredder or even burning your stuff is very much akin to fitting a shiny new five-bar gate to an unfenced field what should we be doing? But it is about education, learning and adopting strategies that we know will afford some protection. This technique, whilst making the most of your shredded waste, can also reduce the chances of over-watering. There are wood chips and/or shredded bark. In the past much of this was either burned on a bonfire or was piled into garbage bags for landfill.

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