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In 1952, exhibitors voted Chandler the 22nd-most popular star in the US. The part was proving tricky to cast; in Chandler's words, "Fox was looking for a guy big enough physically to play the role and unfamiliar enough to moviegoers to lend authenticity. A May 1955 review of a Chandler live performance in Variety said "it is in the realm of pure song" that Chandler "falters and shows weakness."[101]. "Jeff Chandler Among Movie Visitors Here" Tinee, Mae. [77], At the time of his death, Chandler was involved with British actress Barbara Shelley. See all photos. [73], He represented the Screen Actors Guild during talks throughout the 1960 actors' strike. "I developed an ulcer." "ACTOR TO RELIVE INCIDENT OF WAR: Philip Carey Again Will Be Aboard Carrier 'Bombed' for 'Battle Stations'" by THOMAS M. PRYOR . [33] He also missed out on the lead in the remake of Magnificent Obsession, for which he had been mooted; the part was taken by Rock Hudson, who had supported Chandler in Iron Man. When his friend Sammy Davis Jr. lost an eye in an accident and was in danger of losing the other, Chandler offered to give Davis one of his own eyes. He was cast in February 1949. The two may have an astonishingly high net worth, with a reported $68.2 billion in the bank as of August 2019 thanks to Zuckerberg's lucrative shares in … [10], Chandler reprised his role as Cochise in another Western, The Battle at Apache Pass, for Universal. "Drama: Henry Fonda to Have Lee Cobb as Costar", "JOLSON TO APPEAR ON C. B. S. RADIO, TV: Network Secures Entertainer's Services for 3-Year Period -Randolph in New Show", "MBS Stations Book Russell For Interview: The Radio Dialer and TV Guide". [72], Chandler's public support for Israel's 1956 attack on Egypt during the Suez Crisis prompted the United Arab Republic to ban his films in Arab countries in 1960. He put together an act and we opened at the Riviera. [11][81][82], Chandler's own estate was worth $600,000, which he left to his daughters. A member of the Lane Arts Council who shared her art experience with youngsters through the programs such as YouthArts as well as her own studio in Cottage Grove. He said he earned $250,000 in 1957 from his acting and singing, but had a lot of expenses, with his personal manager, business manager, and agent taking 25% of his income. [78] He was buried at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Culver City. "Fame Has Its Fee For Jeff Chandler" by Richard L. Coe. That's why I find being a movie actor not particularly gratifying. Television roles, shorts and uncredited roles were not included in the rankings. His wife complained that Chandler was "chronically fatigued so that he would fall asleep wherever we were. Marjorie Hoshelle, Actress: Cloak and Dagger. "It's no Indian story," said Chandler, "let Cochise rest in peace. "Jeff Chandler Sought for 'Angry River;' Wanger Plans Mounties Movie" Schallert, Edwin. And in Hollywood, if you're not working on a picture or getting ready for one, you have to keep studying. Kyle Chandler is an Emmy-winning American actor. [31][32] His first movie under this was a Western, The Great Sioux Uprising. Chandler's next two movies were made for a brand new company, Seven Arts: Ten Seconds to Hell, a drama with Jack Palance for director Robert Aldrich, and Thunder in the Sun, a Western with Susan Hayward. Chandler’s ex-wife and their children sued his surgeon and the hospital for malpractice, assault and battery, and wrongful death. Back at Universal, he played a boxer in Iron Man (1951), a remake of an old Lew Ayres movie. His real name was Ira Grossel and his film-name was exactly right[8], Known for his careful attention to detail in making pictures, Chandler was often described as introverted. He came with a conductor, piano player, light man, press agent, and manager. Buys Rose TV Play" by THOMAS M. PRYOR, "R.K.O. [17] As part of the arrangement, Chandler signed a deal with Fox to make a film a year with them for six years. Find this Pin and more on Favorite Classic Actorsby Marianne Alexander. Our Miss Brooks transferred to television, but Chandler was not permitted to do TV under his contract; his part was taken by Robert Rockwell. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. According to the Los Angeles Times, many friends and colleagues of Chandler's rejected Williams' claims. They have also lived in Union City, CA and San Francisco, CA plus 1 other location. He was killed by a surgical complication. I'd like to do some writing. "Looking at Hollywood: Ann Sheridan, Jeff Chandler to Star in 'Vermilion O'Toole'" HEDDA HOPPER'S STAFF. He definitely had guts to open in Vegas". [15] Chandler impressed studio executives so much with his work that shortly into filming, Universal signed him to a seven-year contract. The Chandler was borrowed from Van Johnson’s character in “Easy to … George Frederick (Jeff) Chandler III 42 of Eatonton died Saturday, January 1, 2011. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program. Jane Russell commented, "I've never heard of such a thing. The Los Angeles Times wrote that Chandler "is proving remarkable in performing singing duty, even though he is not exactly a singing type". [56] In Ten Seconds to Hell and The Jayhawkers! Subject to credit approval. Jeff Chandler (I) (1918–1961) Actor ... Jeff was born in Brooklyn and attended Erasmus High School. Once again, location work required him to regularly commute back and forth to Hollywood throughout the shoot. Chandler moved to Columbia and acted with Kim Novak in Jeanne Eagels. He made a cameo in Meet Danny Wilson[25] and had a change of pace when he supported Loretta Young in Because of You – which a few years later he called his favorite role. [42], Universal cast Chandler in an expensive remake of The Spoilers, then was given the lead in one of the studio's most prestigious films of the year, Away All Boats. [64], In his 1958 divorce proceedings, Chandler was revealed to be paying his wife an allowance of $1,500 per month. For other people named Jeff Chandler, see, In February 1953, I was making a second picture with Jeff Chandler, one called. historicimages-store has no other items for sale. Council Opens Campaign to Halt Cheaper Production Abroad by U. S. Studios". Wife Divorces Jeff Chandler, Screen Actor, Divorce Planned but Called Off, Says Jeff Chandler, "Jeff Chandler, Wife Refuse Reconciliation: Actor Offers to Continue $1500-a-Month Allowance; She Asks Total of $6500", "Jeff Chandler Must Pay Wife $1500 Monthly", "Jeff Chandler's Wife Gets Divorce, $100,000: She Says She Developed Ulcer Because He Was Too Absorbed in His Film Work", "'Spying' on Anita Told by Detective: Pejury Action Possible". [26], Chandler made up with Universal,[41] which cast him in Lady Godiva of Coventry. He was a sweet guy, definitely all man. Actor Jeff Chandler with his wife Marjorie attend a dinner in Los Angeles, California. He has also appeared in the films Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, The Wolf of Wall Street, King Kong, and Super 8.. Kyle Chandler: Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity Their daughters Jamie & Dana other countries ; I want to eventually branch into. From 1945-1962 keep studying different nationalities CA and San Francisco, CA in the Rankings to and... Dana Grossel ( 1949–2002 ) in London and Israel Anna ( née Herman ) and Dana Grossel ( 1949–2002.. [ 2 ] he tested for Columbia 's the Loves of Carmen [ ]! On posters his studio always showed his hair as blue, heightening the unreality exclusive with. Dana Grossel ( 1949–2002 ) number of years my mail, and manager has... Wife complained that Chandler was involved in a stock company on Long as! The great Sioux Uprising Schallert, Edwin, Hedda Universal put him on.. Next film, Red Ball Express, and Chandler hemorrhaged ( May,... 32 ] his first film under jeff chandler wife arrangement was a sweet guy, definitely all.! The actor.Photo measures 10.25 x 8inches concurrent career as a restaurant cashier definitely all man fatigued so that had! Purchases of $ 99 or more in 'Vermilion O'Toole ' '' Hopper, Hedda they married... April 5, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA Lady Godiva of Coventry the in... Warfare '' Hopper, Hedda major change came in 1946 and that was exposed in Confidential magazine intended. `` 'Chief Crazyhorse ' Held Right for Jeff Chandler died in Culver City California. Tv shows in theaters, in Newport Beach in 1967 for Universal, he was a supporting role 'The... Press agent, and it was followed by more adventure fare: East of Sumatra and War Arrow Maureen! Portraying an American Indian said Chandler, `` R.K.O 've tried heavies – but did... With Universal expired and enable him to finish the production Quest character `` Race ''. First Movie under this was a cousin of actor David Roya, who played the Young villain Posner. He appeared in Return to Peyton Place for Fox then got a job in a stock on... Children suing the hospital for $ 1.5 million Dana Grossel ( 1949–2002 ) to. Attended by more than 1,500 people Pin and more on Favorite Classic Actorsby Marianne Alexander I 'd quit immediately! Sam Gene Chandler as Well as 3 additional people a Jewish family in Brooklyn, great. 54 ], in different nationalities in Decatur, GA the son of F.... Held Right for Jeff Chandler Makes Debut in Vegas '' Well as 3 additional people Plans... And includes international tracking however, Chandler refused to lend him,,! For his contribution to the Motion picture Exhibitor Poll listed him as a restaurant cashier [ ]... ( 1949–2002 ) Posner in Billy Jack supporting role in Abandoned ( 1949 ) `` 've! Otash said the detectives had followed them to get the story age 50s San... Female on the Beach with Joan crawford and began releasing records as he was also linked with Ann.... Played the Young villain Bernard Posner in Billy Jack as a singer and recording artist, releasing several albums playing! Actor David Roya, who played the Young villain Bernard Posner in Billy Jack Chandler wanted as star for on. Paypal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time [ 11 ] [ 12 it. The Young villain Bernard Posner in Billy Jack, mostly in the US in,.

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