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dodge durango shuts off while stopped

I have replaced the Automatic Shut Off relay and the fuel pump relay but it still does it. the important piece here is that this was indefinite, it did not turn off with time. Dodge put a bad computer in these model durangos and will not recall it despite thousands and thousands with the same issue. Durango was running fine, hubby cleaned to corrosion off battery post. The lights seem to have been very dim when I let the gas pedal off and the rpms drop very very low and then picks up again to about 750-1000 at idle. Also it hesitates sometimes on acceleration. I also understand there is a roll over switch so when vehicle is on side or upside down the engine is killed by shutting off fuel pump. RE: Engine shuts down for no reason while dr IP: Logged Message: My 2000 Dodge Dakota shuts completely down while driving with no warning. 1. If the alarm has been activated, it must be reset in order to turn it off. My 2000 Dodge Durango it shuts off and after you let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes it will turn back on and it will stay on probably for about 10 minutes and I'll shut off … Welcome to the Dodge Durango Forum! The vehicle’s engine will shut itself off when the driver has the brake fully pressed down and the vehicle is idling, like when stuck in standstill traffic or stopped at a stop light. i was just driving along maintaining 65mph and out of nowhere the engine just shut off as if the key had been turned off, no sputtering or anything. After that when ever we are turning or sitting at a stop sign it stalls out. I Just replaced the fuel pump relay today and it happened again. About a month ago my Durango started shutting of while I was driving. Dodge is aware of this problem and just wants to brush everyone off. My 04 Durango had to be towed to the dealership 2 years ago as it wouldn’t turn over. I had a 94 Dodge Dakota that did the same thing and that was at fault. the vehicle loses power, engin shuts off while driving for no explainable reason view details; nov 03, 2015 - lafayette, la - engine tl* the contact owns a 2011 dodge durango. After a couple minutes of surging it will shut itself off. Owners Manual. A "SERVICE STOP/START SYSTEM" message will appear in the Driver Information Display (DID). The engine bogs down and dies nearly immediately after the throttle is released and the … by David Clair Many models of the Dodge Durango are equipped with a factory-installed alarm system that monitors sensors mounted on the vehicle to detect unauthorized entry attempts. ... My 2006 Dodge durango shuts off while driving, then it starts right back up and it happens often, could someone give … The problem got increasingly worse. You may have noticed that, on occasion, your 2017 Dodge Durango shuts off while driving--specifically, when you come to a stop for a few moments. Hi guys, I have Dodge durango model 1999, 84000KMs milage. With no warning, the car shuts off (not idleling or a stop). The engine would remain running with my key out of the ignition. If stop/start defaults to on, it can be used for the test even though you can turn it off. ). The Dodge dealer service department has been unable to find anything wrong with the vehicle, however the problem persists. Many people wiggle the wire at the PCM and found ti will re-start. I have a 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 5.2L that continues to shut off randomly while I am driving. ... System Malfunction. Dodge Durango Forum - Forums and Owners Club! The following Diagnostic procedure can be used to diagnose the issues. You made no mention of whether it is hard to restart or not once it shuts off. About a minute later i tried the key again and it turned back on. It turns back on if I shut it down or just keep driving. My 2000 Dodge Durango shuts off when the vehicle is stopped at a red light or stop sign or when in park with the engine running. It defaults to off so they run the tests with it off. 10-27-2003, 04:15 AM. Everything stays on like the air and what not but I have to put it in park and start it back up. The dealer found ice in the #5 and #7 cylinders; damaged the spark plug in #5.Ever since then, whenever it rains, it shakes and misfires, even shuts off if I don’t keep the RPM’s at 1000. Another known issue is the idle air control system, where the valve may be clogged, preventing the engine from receiving sufficient air while the throttle body is closed. 1st: I was stopped at a highway intersection and it shut off, 2nd it shut off while stopping in the median getting ready to turn into work, 3rd: I was slowing down trying to turn off the highway when it shut off and almost caused me to hit a stop sign since the power steering went out … I have a 2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 hemi and it's been shutting off while driving and idle. I replaced a - Dodge 2004 Durango question my durango shut off on me this morning while cruising down the highway. Another issue is the check engine light goes on and off … Dodge Durango Parts. Once the driver lets off the brake the engine will automatically restart itself and you will be back to driving like normal. My 05 Dodge Durango has shut off when I’m driving and steering wheel locked up. 99 dodge durango shuts off while driving: Sign In So i got a 99 dodge durango awhile back and now when Im either coming to a stop or moving slow the truck will just shut off. The fuel tank is the least likely cause of this condition. The problem began when I slowed to a stop at a stop sign. #27 of 27 Re: Dodge Durango 1999 V.8 engine cutting off [henrilouis] by hunter131 Dec 31, 2009 (1:05 am) Save | Reply Replying to: henrilouis (Jun 13, 2007 12:32 pm) I've had the same problem with my 1999 Dodge Durango for almost a year now. 2004 dodge durango engine shuts off while driving My engine shut off when I was slowing to make a turn. The engine will not run once the alarm has been activated until it is reset. Saying they found no evidence of a problem, well we all cant be wrong. Durango 99 Shut off while driving. I will tell everyone I know not to ever buy a Dodge. This is extremely dangerous when I have to drive this crap with my kids in it. after the vehicle was parked, the vehicle would not shut off. My 05 Dodge Durango is surging real bad while at a stopped position. If there is a malfunction in the STOP/START system, the system will not shut down the engine. This customer complaint can occur due to a number of different causes. Empty Fuel Tank Empty fuel tank is the reason make your car shuts off while driving that happens with most people. I kept it running for maybe 2-3 hours to see if it would stop but no. Several times, while driving my 2005 Dodge Durango, it has shut off. I tried to shut the car off by twisting and removing my key & the vehicle did not shut off. Versions of the 2016 Dodge Durango equipped with the 3.6-liter V-6 add engine-stop start as standard, which shuts off the engine when the car is idling to save fuel. The shutting off and not starting for several minutes is possibly your computer (sorry) Basically the pcm shuts down and cools off then will restart. This has happened 4 times. Automotive Forums .com Car Chat > Dodge > Durango > Durango 99 Shut off while driving . shuts off repeatedly while trying to fill vehicle. Almost like it's running out of gas but I always have plenty of gas.

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