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best round brush for blowouts

Who it’s best for: This brush is best for anyone with frizz problems looking to expand their collection. The wavy bristles catch large areas of your hair, making styling simple, without separating your hair out constantly. A: The best size depends on how long your hair is. Boar bristles create more tension in the hair when styling. Well, now you don’t have to worry about figuring it all out by yourself. To buy: $150; ulta.com Ceramic brushes can reach high temperatures. Remember to use a heat protectant product for your hair to reduce damage. One of the unique features of this round brush is the heat-resistant wavy nylon bristles. Find more Spornette Ion Fusion Three Inch Ceramic Round Brush information and reviews here. Because the overall brush weight is light, it’s great for heavy duty salon or home use. Not all brushes are intended for use with a hair dryer, and of those, not all are created equal. At the same time, the boar bristles gently distribute your hair’s natural oils, giving you a smooth do with incredible shine. One of the biggest benefits of this model is that it’s lightweight. Larger round brushes also create more volume in the hair. It also has a vented ceramic barrel that is perfect for heat styling. They are often made with synthetics. This article is world class and I literally mean it. Find more Osensia Professional Round Brush information and reviews here. A quick rundown: Round brushes are perfect for creating that voluminous, classic wavy blowout that we all hope to run into an ex with. People swear by this brush because of its popularity with professional hairdressers. The ceramic barrel heats up during drying, minimizing the time your hair is exposed to heat and potential damage. While it’s a bit heavier than some round brushes, this one is less prone to handle breakage, making it a great choice. This low price brush is ideal for buying your first ceramic brush. If your hair is frail or prone to breakage, avoid boar bristles. Drybar's Double Shot puts a blow-dryer and round brush together so you can achieve a super smooth and shiny blowout. However, a round brush is also useful for day-to-day brushing. To streamline your shopping, we've rounded up the best blow-dry brushes for shiny, voluminous hair. The blue and orange details on this round brush almost make it seem futuristic. They’re lightweight, and they can take the abuse of daily salon use. The shape of the barrel allows you to rotate the brush while styling. Who it’s best for: It’s pretty well-rounded, so it’s a good one to get no matter your hair type. Skip the salon when you can, and your wallet will thank you. It allows all the heat to flow through from you blow dryer, giving maximum air circulation and heating up the barrel. Many people will shy away from synthetic materials. Find more HOTHEADS 3D Speed Brush information and reviews here. From small to large, these round brushes can create a myriad of stunning styles. The YS Park round brush has both nylon and natural boar bristles. Brushes made with real boar bristles usually have a higher price point. Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush, SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Brush, Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic Ionic Round Brush Set, Xtava 55mm Double Boar Bristle Round Brush, Spornette Ion Fusion Three Inch Ceramic Round Brush, Perfehair Nano Ceramic & Ionic Round Brush Set, BIO IONIC Bluewave Nanoionic Conditioning Brush, Fagaci Professional Round Brush + Styling Clips, their big barrel Double Pint ceramic round brush, this thermal ceramic and ionic round brush, this set of nano-thermic ceramic ionic round brushes, Unique bristle layout grips hair without flyaways, Vented ceramic barrel allows for maximum heat and airflow, Lightweight to avoid hand and arm fatigue, Mix of nylon and boar bristles make hair shiny and frizz free, End caps concentrate the heat from your blow dryer, Brush barrel uses thermal conductive technology for faster drying, Foam covered handle is comfy and doesn’t slip even when wet, Packaging doesn’t match the quality of the brush, Solid core doesn’t allow for as much airflow, Smaller sizes aren’t the best for really long hair, Well vented for less hair exposure to heat damage, Hair can get caught between the handle and barrel, No nubs on the ends of nylon bristles make it harder to use, Bristles can seem sharp on sensitive heads, Packaging sometimes states a different price than purchase price listed, Ionic mineral infused bristles make hair sleek and shiny, Super lightweight so it’s easy on the hands and arms, The nylon bristles can be more prone to tangling hair, Nice mix of nylon and boar bristles leave hair shiny, One piece wood construction means it’s less likely to break, Bristles could be a bit longer to catch more hair at a time, Mix of bristles address frizz and increase shine, Bristle density can make it hard to get through thick hair, Aerated ceramic barrel helps to keep hair soft, Crimped nylon bristles are ion charged to reduce static, Nylon bristles can feel harsh on the scalp, Ceramic ionic technology means less frizz and fast drying, Could use more larger brushes than provided, Pretty plain-looking for professional quality, Natural boar bristles add shine and luster to hair, Aerated ceramic barrel reduces chances of heat damage, Ceramic barrel reduces frizz and flyaways, Aerated barrel minimizes risk of heat damage, Seems more cheaply made than other CHI products, Unique squared barrel grips hair at the roots for super volume, Nanoionic minerals break down water clusters to make drying faster, Professional quality brush designed by a stylist, Ceramic and ionic technology for smooth shiny styling, Honeycomb barrel allows for lots of heat and airflow, Combination of boar bristles and nylon yarn bristles is ideal, Nylon bristles may melt under highest heat settings. Sometimes you get what you paid for. Medium length hair is around collar bone length, and long hair is anything longer than that. Everything about it screams high end, from the usage to the high price of the brush. The vented ceramic barrel allows up to 50% more airflow from a blow dryer and evenly distributes the heat to make hair dry quickly and straighten out. Overall, the Ibiza has a higher price than most, but trust me, it’s worth it. Start off with a smaller brush. The soft and grippy silicone handle makes for easy styling without tangles. There are a few specific things to consider when you’re choosing the best round brush for your hair type and styling goals, which you’ll at the bottom of this article. This rotation adds natural-looking texture, bounce and volume to the hair. One last thing to remember - mastering technique takes time and patience. Chi Volumizer 4-in-1 Blowout Brush With four different attachments (oval brush, concentrated nozzle, diffuser, and paddle brush), the Chi Volumizer 4-in-1 … I’m not convinced of how effective this is, but a cleaner brush sounds good to me. The boar bristles also help distribute your hair’s natural oils for a shiny and smooth result. Amazing hair is only a great round brush away, so check out these Best Round Brushes for Blowouts and see which is the right one for you. These tufts of nylon bristles penetrate even the thickest hair. If you have very thick hair, then this round brush isn’t the best option. The XL Nylon Rounders are the best round brush for blowouts if you have long and thick hair. The holy grail of hair dryer brushes, Dyson's innovative design uses the Coanda effect (high-speed air that creates a vortex) to curl and style wet hair. If you have short hair: Use a round brush that’s 1.5 inches or less So popular in fact, the brand has celebrity names attached to it. This means that you’re buying something that costs as much as a hair dryer. Super lightweight, they make long days of styling easier with a retractable parting pick, and easy hanging loops. And, this bristle design helps hold long hair in place while blow-drying. The lightweight cushioned handle features ribbing on the grip to reduce hand fatigue. The use of a round brush and blow dryer together is called a blowout. These round brushes are usually more affordable and have a lower price point. Everything else about the brush is top-tier. Make sure to use only the best round brushes for your blowout, and you will be a pro in no time. We’ve found that the following round brushes work in almost every situation for any kind of hair, with the Creative Pro Ceramic being our all-around go-to brush. It has huge Vents that enable air to go through the barrel of the round brush. We think they’re beyond cool because of their color changing technology that allows you to see when the barrel heats up, so you can adjust your dryer temps for optimum styling heat. Natural boar bristles are expensive materials. At 55mm wide, it’s nearly 2.2 inches of double boar bristle magic. Yes, seriously. Check Price on Amazon The vented ceramic thermal barrel on this Spornette round brush is a standout. Because these brushes deliver fabulous volume, straightening power, soft curls, and even beachy waves, right where you want them, finding the right one could have you quickly dumping your other favorite hot tools right in the Goodwill bag. Best Round Brush for Blowouts 2020 1. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The comfort grip ergonomic handle is lightweight and easy for all day use. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you hair is short, you'll need a smaller brush. If you're going to buy a hot styling brush, why not buy one from the salon known for its blowouts? The other cool thing is the brush is made with thermal conductive technology, so the brush core actually heats up for faster drying, but don’t worry – it cools down just as fast. Half the purpose of using round brushes is that it drys your hair easily. Find more CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush information and reviews here. If you’re a professional stylist, every day means a day of dealing with lots of different hair types, styles, lengths and thicknesses. We've featured a couple of round brushes that go as large as three-inch barrels. The longer bristles help penetrate the hair down to your roots. This technique creates a polished, yet voluminous look. You can spend less money because there’s no more guesswork. Your email address will not be published. Last update on 2020-12-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Hair Brush. BESTOOL Boar Bristle Round Brush.5. Raincry Smooth 2.0 Medium Pure Bristle Brush. That makes for quicker drying, with less opportunity for your hair to kink back up. Styling Essentials Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush Another cool feature is the captive ends, which simply means that where the bristles stop, there are wide ends top and bottom, to keep your hair from getting tangled in the brush handle or coming off the brush top, a consistent issue on the rare days I’m willing to try and blow my wavy hair straight. They’re intermingled with shorter boar bristles that help distribute your hair’s natural oils, for beautiful shine. Sometimes old school can be a bonus, and that’s just the case with this boar bristle round brush from BESTOOL. If you have medium length hair: Use a round brush that’s 1.5 to 2.75 inches Round brushes with a wooden handle hold significantly less risk of accidentally damaging your hair. The bristles round out at a whopping 2.7 inches, great for smoother styles. The end result is sleek hair with a bit of lift, rather than pin straight or curly hair. This brush also makes claims of being anti-bacterial. Ibiza brand brushes are highly praised, and I … But they’re also a secret weapon against frizz, because they’re ion charged and anti-static, which means a smoother blowout for you. These terms have everything to do with drying speed, avoiding heat damage, and reducing static electricity which leads to frizz. The airflow is so efficient that the Moroccanoil heats to the perfect temperature every time. You are already one step closer. You have to consider few different parameters such as; size, material etc. It might look beautiful however don’t give its dainty look a chance to trick you. Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift to name a few. Your blow dryer will work even faster, meaning you’ll minimize heat damage too. It also has lots of pass-through vents in the barrel to allow for more airflow. This Styling Essentials round brush also contains both natural boar bristles and longer nylon bristles. It works best for straightening or volumizing full thick hair. Best Rotating: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush Buy on Amazon Buy on Ulta Turn on the rotating action in this brush to create a voluminous and bouncy blowout; you can even switch the direction in which it rotates depending on which way you want your ends to flip up. The Moroccanoil is a great example of value for money. Use a bigger brush if… you’d like gentle waves. What’s the catch? Faster drying times, softer locks, and less chance of heat damage to your hair. Round brushes are used mainly to style blowouts. The polished bristles gently massage your scalp, helping to keep breakage at bay, and minimizing hair damage. Luckily, hair dryer brushes are currently trending on the beauty scene and are a quick, easy way to getting lasting shine, volume, and style—without having to work a round brush and a blow dryer at the same time. Now that you know, here’s a handy guide to what size round brush you should buy. First Problem: you can not use these on wet hair. The handle of the brush is also rubberized, so it’s comfortable to hold. Cricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush. New York based freelance makeup artist and a passionate beauty blogger. A vented barrel allows air and heat to flow through the brush. Different sized brushes are suited for different lengths of hair. Thanks Sephora. Who it’s best for: I’d recommend this brush for beginners with fine hair. Powered by. SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Brush.3. Here’s a little secret: “getting your hair done” at a salon almost exclusively means getting a blowout with a round brush. This ceramic and ionic bush features a combination of both nylon yarn bristles and boar bristles that grip without damaging. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Again, a mix of nylon and boar bristles, makes for a winning combination with this thermal ceramic and ionic round brush from SUPRENT. Your brush is an investment. This blog from My Haircare & Beauty has the basics about hairbrush sizes that might serve as a helpful hairbrush guide prior to your purchase. The crimped nylon bristles easily catch and hold your hair, while being gentle on your scalp. Best Brushes for Perfect Blowouts – Features CHI Turbo Round Nylon Brush Jun 26, 2020 | In The Media , Press Releases If you’ve ever toyed with the notion of paying for professional blowouts, you know you’re going to save tons of time and money by investing in the best round brush that can give you tons of volume and shine. The wooden handle isn’t very comfortable to hold. Let’s jump into it. The boar bristles distribute the natural oil in your hair evenly along strands. We love these because they’re actually large enough to grab and hold large sections of hair making styling a breeze. Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush is one of the best round brushes for a blowout. And because of their configuration – the taller nylon bristles catch your hair, while the boar bristles add shine, and help control those frizzies. The XL Nylon Rounder has tufts of two-tipped nylon bristles. This professional round brush comes in four sizes from small to extra large. One of the great things about round brushes is the wide variety of products available. Osensia also makes an ionic mineral infused paddle brush that’s another one of our favorites for drying big sections of hair, and straightening at the same time. A round brush is just a brush with a rounded, cylindrical shape. Finally, the unique brush’s honeycomb style venting is a huge benefit. This round brush is a great device to utilize when blow-drying your hair. 11 Best Round Brushes for Blowouts 1. White boar bristles are known for being softer than their counterparts. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer. The folks at Drybar make one our fave professional blow dryers, so it’s no surprise that we’re also nuts about their big barrel Double Pint ceramic round brush to go with. But for most people, synthetic bristles will work just fine. Drybar also makes a similarly styled round brush in 2.25 inch Full Pint and 1.75 inch Half Pint barrel sizes so you can choose the one that’s right for your length and styling desires. With a big 1.7 inch barrel that features nano ionic technology, this styling brush adds shine and softness during your blow out. The aerated barrel means heat flows through, leaving you less likely to get heat damage while you dry.

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