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lines not showing in paper space autocad

Alternatively, use the Show/Hide Lineweight button that can be added to the status bar. The drawing was purged and an audit done. In one paper space there are two viewports that are invisible, but others on the same sheet are visible. I stripped the file down to include only 1 element and to have the invisible viewport plus one new viewport. Check for incorrect camera coordinates. If PSLTSCALE is set to 0, all linetypes use the global setting of LTSCALE. Im working on a final project for my Intro to CAD class and Im having a problen with Hidden lines. AutoCAD Hidden Lines not Showing in Paper Space / Layout | Appear Solid Click ok. (If you do not see this option, click on the "Show Details" tab in the upper right corner of the dialog box and it will appear) You will have to "regenall" in the Paper Space area to show the changes. All lines are the same thin basic weight. After turning on the LWDISPLAY command, how do you select the "Format" and "Lineweight"? Layers are frozen in the current layout viewport. left. When you plot from paper space, set the PSLTSCALE system variable to 1 to plot all linetype patterns consistently between viewports regardless of scale. For independent AutoCAD training in London, visit www.cadcoaching.co.uk Layers which are visible in model space are not visible in a layout viewport. Enter the LAYER command to open the Layer Properties Manager. AutoCAD Hidden Lines Not Showing in Model Space | Appear Solid | How broken line not showing in paper space while printing By ABAKAM BASSEY ABAKAM, May 15, 2019 in AutoCAD 2D Drafting, Object Properties & Interface Reply to this topic Do one or both of the following. A quick-fix to the problem of linetypes appearing solid in Paper Space. They show up as regular continuous lines in model space but show up regularly as dashed lines in paper space… In paper space, go the Home tab and in the Layers palette select Layer Properties. On the command line in AutoCAD, type LWDISPLAY and set the value to On (or 1). To turn on or thaw the layer in the current layout viewport: Double-click within the layout viewport to make it current. MSLTSCALE is the model space linetype factor (introduced in AutoCAD 2008) To put simply set the value of the above four variables to 1 and your linetypes will show appropriately in both paper space and model space. Thank you for your insight for making thicker lines in paper space, but (for me) your instructions are not complete. Go to the Layer that is not showing the objects and see if the Vioewport Freeze is on. Hello, I am somewhat of a beginner at this whole AutoCAD thing. Paper Space Linetype Scale . When viewing a drawing in AutoCAD, either in model or paper space, lineweights are not shown. When you work in paper space the layout viewports might be set to different scales. Delete and re-create the viewport, or create the viewport next to the one not showing the objects. The large drawing had a number of paper space tabs with a total of 56 viewports used.

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